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Key Benefits of Water-Based Hardwood Finish

Water-based finish is mainly made of polyurethane and other fillers. They are the most common hardwood flooring. They provide a clear finish and have very little odor when applied on the wood floor. The floor can be cleaned a few hours after the application.

There are many kinds of species of hardwood that you can use on your flooring. All these kinds of hardwood species require a protective find. The finish ensures that the floor keeps the wood looking excellently. The polyurethane will make the wood have an aesthetic character. You will easily apply polyurethane and when you apply it, there will be no yellowing on the wood floor.

The water-based finish provides very excellent protection. Unlike the oil-based finfish, polyurethane has the most durable hardwood floor finish. If you are that person who looks the wood look very natural, ensure that you apply polyurethane. The finish looks very milky when on the can, but when you apply them on your wood, they will look very clear. They accent the character that the wood has. This is a great benefit compared to the oil-based finish which leaves amber tints on the floor wood.

Water-based are considered environmentally friendly. They do not release a lot of volatile organic compounds on the environment compared to the other kinds of water-based floor finish. This means that when you are using it, it will be safe for you. A lot of volatile organic compounds may affect people who are affected by the allergen. The oil-based finish contains petroleum products that are carcinogenic. These finishes emit strong fumes for about 24 hours until the coat has allowed.

Water-based finished has greatly evolved allowing them to resist abrasion. This ensures that the water-based finish is very durable. The additive and the binders on these finishes make these finish as durable as an oil-based finish. Glitsa is one of the best finishes that guarantees effectiveness for several years.

Clear finish is beneficial ss they maintain the original colors of the floor. This will highlight the grain of the grain more in the woods. The finish changes the color of the wood to a darker tone. from the time that you apply the coat, the color will not change. If you are planning to apply stain prior to the finish, the polyurethane will ensure that the stain does not get darker.

Another benefit that you will enjoy from this finish is they dry very fast. After applying, the finish will dry very within hours, unlike the oil-based finish that may take even days before they dry. This means that you can apply the water-based finish in the morning and in the night you are using it for your business. It is vital to note that this kind of finish has very little odor.

When you are want to apply the water-based finish on your floor, there are different materials that you will require. Before you start your project, ensure that you have all the material that is required. First, you will require if you are using the water-based finish. You will require knee pads, rags, and roller tray.

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